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Simon Bolivar University offers 18 programs of 5 year-duration in the areas of engineering, Architecture and Urban Studies and Planning, and basic, social and administrative sciences, and 10  programs of 3 year-duration in administrative and industrial areas.

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Sartenejas Campus

In early 1967 in the governmental instances came the idea to create a new university, in order to help to solve the existing universitary problem at the time. Thus on May 15, 1967 the Commission was established, which would make the study and report on the establishment of a Centre for Higher Education in those branches of learning that suit the economic and social development of the country.

USB presenta su repositorio de objetos de aprendizaje


Desde hoy la USB pone a disposición el repositorio institucional de objetos para el aprendizaje Esopo, en http://www.esopo.usb.ve, plataforma que permite hacer visible y accesible la productividad del cuerpo profesoral, así como promover los contenidos digitales que pueden ser aprovechados para la virtualización de los cursos, explicó la directora de Servicios Multimedia, DSM, Mariella Azzato.


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